Live Streams!

We're unable to hold any events during these scary times but we are doing a series of online live streams to get you and your little ones air guitaring round the living room to you fave indie classics.

Check back for news of upcoming shows or like our Facebook page for updates

Plus our friends over at Fromage Juniors are also doing live streams for the younger ones.

Check them out at or on Facebook for news on their upcoming shows


An event for indie kids and their kids!

A chance to let your floppy fringe down and pull some shapes to some guitar based floor fillers.

Introduce your little ones to the delights of pogoing or cutting some rug to some classic indie and rock 'n' roll cuts as they inspire to be the next Jarvis Cocker or Debbie Harry.
Join Cliff from Feeling Gloomy and his merry band of indie boys and girls for an afternoon of dancing and interactive fun and games.

Expect air guitaring, glo-sticks, sing-alongs and a lot of rocking!

For up coming parties please see the gigs page.

For more information or to get in touch email us or call on 07806 710236